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Process of Mobile Repair


Buy Cell Phones

Call (254) 772-6700 or visit us at 4904 West Waco Drive Waco, TX 76710 to learn more. 

Save Money

  • No need to enter into a contract with a telecommunications carrier -- the "inexpensive" phone they offer comes with a higher monthly bill.

  • An unlocked pre-owned cell phone allows you to shop for your best-priced cell phone plan, and it gives you the option to purchase a pre-paid sim card in any country so that you can save money on cellular/data charges when traveling outside of the USA.


Help The Environment

  • Reduce the negative impact electronics have on our environment by purchasing a refurbished or used mobile device.

  • Greenpeace Guide to Greener Electronics:

Reduce Financial Risk

  • Should something go wrong with a hardware issue during the warranty period, we have highly skilled technicians who will use quality parts to fix your device quickly, and for free.

  • Warranty: iPhones/iPads: 6 months hardware warranty. Androids: 3 months hardware warranty

  • Should your phone get blacklisted within the warranty period, we will replace the mobile device with the same model or one of equal value.

The warranty does not cover physical damage to the device caused by drops, pressure, fire, water, etc

Sell Your Phone

Sell your smartphones such as Apple, Samsung, and other brands with ease We pay top-dollar to buy your used and broken device.

For assessment of the value of your cell phone, iPad, or Tablet you will need to bring the device into the store so we can determine its physical and mechanical condition. We do not give estimates over the phone. Please allow a minimum of 20 to 30 minutes for us to inspect the device. If we feel the phone has re-sale value, we will give you cash, or you can apply the value of the phone toward in-store credit. If your device has a broken screen, for example, and we service the device, we can assess the value of the cell phone by temporarily installing a screen on the device to test it. In this situation, you must be prepared to leave your phone with us so we can perform this task. The wait time for assessment is dependent on how busy we are when you arrive at the store.

You must present a government ID (with a picture) before we purchase your device. All devices must be restored to the factory settings.

We will not purchase mobile devices that are:

  • Water damaged.

  • Blacklisted (reported lost/stolen).

  • Broken, and we are unable to easily repair it.


Our team is trained to help you get the most life out of your digital device, but if it's ready to go to greener pastures, you can trust PhoneMD, to recycle it for you.

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